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Due to the devastating impact of the Civil War many civilians lack education, shelter, food, water and other necessities. The living conditions within the Syrian border are quite harsh, most come from Aleppo, forced to flee their home due to the destruction. Many have been gravely injured or lost loved ones.

Infinitum Limits has been created to help those individuals. With your help we were able to construct a camp for 1500 internally displaced and a school for nearly 400, both of which are near the Atmah village in Syria.

Currently, our main focus is on Syria as the conditions continue to deteriorate, but we plan on expanding our efforts around the world. Our mission is to provide help to civilians who do not have access to education or other basic necessities.


Our emphasis on education stems form the fact that it is a key in restoring a community. It is an important tool in the fight against fundamentalism. It is a path to social and economic development.

A big thank you to the International Organization for Migration and the Maram Foundation for donating tents.